Joining NCRRA

First of all, take a look at the descriptions of what our sections do, and decide which of them you are interested in. Contact the activity captain to coordinate a visit with your preferred section(s). Decide for yourself whether you'd like to participate.

ncrra ndhqra groupInterested in Membership?

  • Purchase a DCRA membership, and make a note of your membership number.
  • Download the NCRRA membership form.
  • Fill out, print and sign the membership form.
  • Mail in the signed application form along with a cheque for the fees.

Download the 2024–25 NCRRA Membership Form* and fill it out with your computer. (*Macintosh users: see note below.)

Please note that the free Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to complete the form and to save the completed file.**

*Note for Mac Users: The membership form will not open properly in Safari. You must click the right mouse button on the link above, and select "Download Linked File as...". You can then open the downloaded file with Adobe Reader, and all of the automation will work. If you open the membership form with Safari or the Preview, all of the JavaScript that calculates fees will be stripped out of the form, and it will not work.

All users (PC and Mac) should use the Help menu (Help--> Check For Updates) to ensure that your Adobe Acrobat Reader is up to date.

How much does it cost?

Membership dues are for a year. The club's membership year starts in April, and ends at the end of March the following year. Fees are quite competitive with other clubs. If you're over 25, the annual fees are $65 per year, plus activity fees for the discipline(s) you participate in. Under 25 is half price. You must be a member of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) before you can join NCRRA to use the Connaught and other DND ranges. You can join DCRA through their website.

Note about ATTs (Authorization to Transport restricted firearms). NCRRA activities are held on federal military property. A special ATT is needed to transport restricted firearms to and from military property. These ATTs are obtained through the NCRRA ATT Coordinator. Until one of these ATTs has been issued to you, you MAY NOT bring your handguns and other restricted firearms to CRPTC, even if you already have a standard ATT for transport to an from civilian ranges. Application may be made through the activity captains of target pistol, service pistol, or service rifle. See the relevant Activity page of this website for email addresses.

So I'm a New Member – What happens now?

Your name will be added to the NCRRA-Announcements mailing list, and you'll start to receive notifications of upcoming activities and events. You'll start to attend practices, and your activity captain will help you get started. They'll be there to help you learn the range procedures and safety rules that apply to your new activity. They'll make sure someone's right there with you until they're sure you know you're okay to continue without assistance.

I don't have a Firearms Licence – What do I do?

Not a problem! You can come out and try a discipline under supervision. Each section is a little bit different, but ask the Section Captain, most times they can help. If you join the club to shoot, you're expected to apply for a Firearms License. If you need to take a Firearms Course, your Section Captain can help you arrange to take a course.

Note about access to the ranges:
The NCRRA is a civilian club that has the privilege of using the CRPTC facilities; we do not have full access to the ranges at all times. We can be bumped from our schedule at any time. Our access and priority are determined by CRPTC.